Friday, September 17, 2010

Whatever Works: Sewing in Bulk

I am back on my bulk sewing kick again. I cut out 6 pairs of pants for my baby boy. (Technically he is probably a toddler now but I am not ready to call him that.) Anyway, he's a skinny little bean and pants literally fall right off of him. Sewing in bulk seems to work out nicely for me and lets me work more quickly. Whatever gets the job done, right?

For these pants, I am using a modified version of the Willow Wayfarer pattern I use for my daughter. It is specifically designed for skinny kids. I shortened the length quite a bit and they fit perfectly. This pair is made out of a nice Gap skirt that Rachel handed down to me. I wore it a few times but it wasn't really my style. The denim was still in perfect shape though, so I kept it. The skirt was enough for two pairs of pants! (More pictures to follow after I have another night to sew) The pockets were from scraps I had in my stash. Can't beat the price of these pants! :)

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