Friday, November 15, 2013

Foodie Friday: Pork Chops

Alright ya''s time to talk about the infamous pork chop. In my experience, it's a love or hate kind of meat. Most of my life I hated them due to a traumatizing pig experience as a kid and because let's be honest, who hasn't eaten a dry, overcooked chop at some point? Lately, my husband and I have been really consistent about trying several new recipes a week to keep the 'ol palate from going into a flavor coma. This means we've really started cooking outside our food comfort zone and delved into a whole new world of ingredients starting with the oft mistreated pork chop.

I looked around for interesting recipes and found a site (I can't remember which one...if I find it later I'll come back and add it) that listed this Cook's Illustrated cooking method and I've adapted it for a two person dinner but it's easy to modify for more people.

First off, I can't stress this quality meat. Go with all natural, bone-in, center cut rib chops that are about 7 oz each (I've used smaller ones and reduced the cooking time).  Pat them dry and slit a couple of times through the connecting tissue across the short side of the fat.

I have an electric stove so before I season the meat I turn the burner to medium. 

Now, rub both sides of the pork with salt and pepper. Then take a few pinches of organic cane sugar and sprinkle one side of each chop evenly with it making sure to avoid the bone.

Slap each chop into the pan (sugar side down) making sure to press each piece into the pan (with the bony ends toward the center of your skillet). Cook for 4-9 minutes depending on the size of your meat. You should hear a nice sizzling sound within a minute or 2 and you'll know it's time to turn when the sugared side gets a beautiful light brown color (see picture above). 

On the second side, turn the heat to low and cook each chop until they hit 140 (start checking the temp at 2 minutes). FYI - the second side will BARELY brown before it's cooked through.

Take the chops out of the pan and tent with foil for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes take any juices left from the pan and platter and reduce adding a little salt and pepper to taste. Pour the juices back over the chops (sugar side's all about presentation!) and serve immediately.

In the picture above, I served them with sauteed zucchini and blackberry, chipotle sauce. Delicious!


  1. What is this traumatizing pig incident of which you speak? Surely you don't mean the time we played soccer with a pigs head wrapped in a sheet?

  2. Ha…actually I was referring to seeing the pig barn burn down. I don't even remember the soccer incident. It all explains why I didn't eat meat for 10+ years.