Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Super Comfy Knit Dress: McCalls 6785

My daughter has been asking me forever to make us matching dresses. Recently I discovered a fabric store that was going out of business and bought about 7 yards of this pretty purple knit. I figured it was a good choice that would span the ages and look good on both of us. I used McCalls 6785, view C. It was very simple, with raglan sleeves and a cowl neck. I also sewed up a pair of purple and white striped leggings from another pattern, which you can barely see in the photo. My only beef with leggings patterns, and now I know for future reference, is that they seem to run big. After carefully matching the stripes the first time around, I had to take them in a solid inch on each leg and they are still baggy. Oh, well! She loves them and she can grow into them. 

Isn't her hat cute? The farm I volunteer at sells handmade stuff in their gift shop and a knitting group made these for the shop. I bought 2 of them for $6 each. Can't beat that, especially since it would take me a year to make one myself! 

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