Friday, March 7, 2014

Wild and Crazy 60's Bark Cloth Dress

 A while back, I was at the thrift store with some friends and we were amusing ourselves by browsing through the 'retro' rack. Most of it was delights from the 80's and 90's, and when I say 'delights' I actually mean 'frights'. Such as silk jumpsuits. In pink. Ugh. But this dress. So I saw it and in my head I had a little argument: Oooh! I love that dress! So bright and funky! What?! You actually think that is nice? Its hideous. But I love it. In the meantime, someone said out loud: that dress looks like Megan. Megan, you should buy that. Which caused me to have another mental session with myself, specifically 'what on earth have I worn in the past that would make anyone think I would wear this?'

So I finally settled on the fact that a) it appears I have made myself a reputation as a funky, artist type who just might wear a 60's bark cloth dress, and b) I just like it! I tried it on, it fit perfectly and the only thing that frightened me was the bell sleeves. Holy wings, batman! So you can see in the second picture they are tucked in. I plan on ripping them off and making it sleeveless. Stay tuned, and get your sunglasses ready! ;)

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