Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Creative Containers for Houseplants

I have always loved plants, although admittedly I took a long hiatus from houseplants. Something about producing 3 babies in 4 years. I couldn't stay away forever though, especially since I have the perfect twelve foot bay window in my living room.

I am sure you have noticed, though, that cute plant pots are hard to find and usually the price tag makes me want to cry a little. I mean, like a sucker you buy a new plant because 'it's only $4!!' only to shell out $20 on a pot. Sometimes, I use non-standard containers to use for my plants. I happen to like things with character, so my pots-on-the-cheap program fills two purposes. Here, I used a vintage marshmallow tin that has been bouncing around the family for many moons.

The pot on the left is a plain terra cotta pot I 'color blocked'. Aren't I just so trendy? ha! I have pictures for a tutorial...someday. The Christmas cactus in the center is in a vintage glass pitcher I found at a yard sale. The bucket was also scored at a yard sale.
Larger containers are a little more tricky. The giant metal can is an old vegetable shortening can which I salvaged from my parents' house. ( 'salvaged' the right word? Scavenged? Mooched?) It was already somewhat rusty, so I planted the money tree inside a Home Depot bucket and put it inside the can. The pot on the left was found at Home Goods for about $24 which was a great deal! 

Now what are you waiting for? Go plant something!


  1. I'm pretty sure you hogged all the green thumbs in our family. I've already killed two plants this year and one of them was a succulent. I'm clearly doing something wrong.

  2. Oh and I'm loving your hodgepodge of plant containers. They are so your style!!

  3. That's green STUBBY thumbs, actually! ha!!!