Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Sewing Project: Simple Gathered Skirt

My daughter is 6 years old and very eager to learn to sew. I have had her do a few hand sewing projects and her skills have improved little by little. She enjoys hand sewing, but of course she wanted to try the machine too! This skirt is her first 'official' sewing project. It really couldn't be more simple: a rectangle of fabric with a channel at the top for elastic, and a hem at the bottom. She is obsessed with the fancy stitches on my machine. She always tells me which one she thinks I should be using. For the hem, I let her pick a fancy stitch to sew on the lace. She is not big enough (or focused enough) to run the machine by herself so she sits in my lap and helps guide the fabric through. She mans the back-stitch button and removes the pins as we sew. I can't wait to see what sewing projects she will come up with in the future!

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