Monday, September 9, 2013

Closet Flashbacks: Toddler Sized Bucket Hat

Tomorrow my firstborn turns 8. Eight! I can't believe it. Way back in ye olden days, when he was but knee high to a grasshopper, I made him this little bucket hat. It is made from some cute firetruck fabric and he wore it a lot until he grew out of it. The hat has floated around and been worn on occasion by my littlest but he has never had a particular fondness for it. We recently went on a camping trip and the hat made another appearance. It is way too small for him but he loves it. I asked him if I could make him a new one in his size but he declined. The boy is a sucker for nostalgia. I am happy to say that there are no design quirks or sewing mishaps that would make my blood pressure rise every time he puts it on, so I can't complain. It has lasted 6 years, closet flashback indeed!

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