Thursday, April 10, 2014

Artemis, The Watercolor Armadillo

It is finally framed and finished! I painted this armadillo for Rachel and it is finally framed and ready to send! I ended up for various reasons being glass-less, which is just about blasphemous if you ask me when it comes to framing most artwork. Thankfully, my parents trash-picked a piece of glass and cut it to size for me. Thanks, parents!

This is a different style than I have painted before and it was really fun. I love tedious stuff like this. The black was all done using a tiny brush.

I splattered paint over the page before starting to add a wild and crazy touch of color.

I'm kind of sad to see this guy go, but I hear Rachel already has a nail in the wall for him!


  1. I L O V E HIM SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I literally have a nail in the wall waiting for his arrival. I'll send you a picture when he's finally home :)

  2. Beautiful picture! You are so talented.