Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Take on Matting Pictures

The other day I got trapped inside by these dark, angry clouds. 

The thunder was booming and the rain started pouring so I decided that while I was relegated to the indoors I'd do something sort of productive. After living in my apartment for a year, I still have some bare walls that annoy me every time I see them. We're not planning on being in this place for much longer so I didn't want to invest in anything fancy BUT I needed a quick fix to fill the void. Here's my cheap and quick solution.

First, I gathered all my supplies: cutting mat, rotary cutter, pencil, ruler, craft paper, X-Acto knives, old frames/mats and pictures. 

The original mats that are already in the frames were 8x10 so on the back of the craft paper I measured and cut that size out. I was using 4x6 and 4x4 pictures so I measured those sizes on the back of the cut craft paper in the location that I wanted them to be. I then measured 1/8 in from the picture measurements so that once the squares were cut out the pictures would have something to be anchored too. I carefully cut the corners out with the X-Acto and did the straight lines with the rotary.

Then I taped the pictures to the back of the craft paper, slapped the mat and pic back into the frame and voila 6 new "mats" for under $2. 

This is the craft paper I used. 

Here are a couple of finished frames. As you can see, I'm clearly one for subtly of theme and color. HA! 

As a side note, I've seen other tutorials for covering the actual chipboard but I wanted the cheapest and laziest possible solution. I think I nailed it!   

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