Monday, December 23, 2013

Closet Flashback: International Carpet Bag

I love this bag and always travel with it. It's the perfect size to carry on a plane and it sits nicely under the seat without having to vigorously kick or smash it to get it to fit. My mom made it for me a year or two ago so it's an extra special edition to my handmade wardrobe. She makes magic with her sewing machine so needless to say this bag is made to last! 

It's definitely a larger sized piece so I generally don't carry it for day to day activities. It's great as a weekender though!

This print always makes me want to travel even more.

If I remember correctly, I think my dad picked out these buttons. They are perfect!

The zipper tab is one of my favorite parts because it has my initial :)

Nice and roomy on the inside with a few little pockets to keep things tidy.

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