Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Colette Patterns: My First Hazel Dress

I had so much fun making this dress. It was just one of those projects that came together beautifully and didn't require any adjustments, fussing or seam ripping! I cut my regular size for the bodice but used the size 18 for the skirt to give it extra fullness. I've seen other people around the internet use the same technique and I definitely prefer the way the skirt hangs with the extra fabric vs. cutting your regular size. 

The skirt has pockets too! 

This was an interesting project for me because I think it might be the first dress that I've ever made that has been totally unlined…gasp…even if a project doesn't call for lining I usually neurotically do it anyway. 

I had fun sewing in my "Straight from my Stash" label that I got from Etsy.

I got my money's worth outta my serger on this project…this dress has officially almost been serged to death!

I learned a new technique for finishing off an invisible zipper using a facing. Very cool. The folks over at Colette Patterns really put some nice touches on this design.

Narrow hem…and serged seams...YAY!

This is just a shot of the skirt and bodice detail. I bought the pattern just for the V design in the front. 

I already have the material for two more versions on the way from I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out and it's a fun bonus that this fabric matches my fedora. I actually bought the fabric from G-Street before I moved to Texas. It was on the clearance table for $2 a yard. I love when things come together like that!

My one qualm with this pattern is the darts…I may just need to get my ham out again and take them to task.   As of now though, they kind of, sort of make things look a bit like an 80s Madonna flashback if you catch my drift. 


  1. The last paragraph of this is fantastic.

  2. P.S. The dress is cute! And the serging....I really want a serger but they scare me!

  3. Don't fear the serger…they are your friends!