Monday, June 9, 2014

Despite seeing only half of Despicable Me, my son loves the minions. He was recently bored and we decided to make these little pet rocks. I saw the idea on Pinterest; someone had used them for party favors. To make them, we painted clean dry rocks with yellow acrylic paint. (spray paint would have worked beautifully also) When the paint was dry, we painted the pants. I used the end of a marker dipped in white paint for the eye. When that was dry, we used a fine point and regular sharpies to add the details. I sprayed them with varnish and they were done! The little ones we call MINIons. Ha!!! Both my other kids asked for a few, so we ended up making 6 in all. They like to carry them around in their pockets and take them outside. Quick, easy and cheap free! I think this is the perfect project to revisit in the summer time.


  1. Love the minions and love these rocks!

  2. Minions are the best! You need to watch both movies asap :)