Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Little Bling! Decorating Girls Shoes

Our mom has this uncanny ability to find free stuff. She finds stuff in people's trash, at yard sales, and who knows where else. I think these shoes came via a yard sale. They are nothing fancy, but brand new and the perfect blank canvas. My girl has wanted to decorate her own shoes for a while, but plain shoes are few and far between. This was the perfect opportunity to let her loose with the gems. Incidentally, I have pretty good luck at the thrift store and found a huge bag of these for 3 bucks!!!

We each did a pair, using LockTight craft glue for the gems. She took a more free spirited approach and covered up the excess glue with glitter. She is keeping one pair for herself and we are putting the other pair in our OCC shoeboxes!

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