Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Super Tote: School Edition

Last October I made my first version of the Super Tote by Anna Graham (check her shop out over at Noodlehead). The Whale Super Tote has seen some major action over the last 8 months and has performed so beautifully that I decided to make myself a new version to use as my school bag since I'm going back after a long hiatus.

I had a really nice, heavy weight canvas in my stash as well as a single yard of the writing print. As soon as I started to cut everything out I knew that piping needed to be involved...and then that evolved into needing 4 colors of piping. My sister is addicted to Ric Rac and I just can't quit piping. We are suckers for adding extra detail and flair.

Anyway, what you can't see in the picture is that the canvas is subtly quilted (I used Soft & favorite!) to give even more detail along with the pops of color that match the colors on the lining fabric. I realize that the colors are slightly reminiscent of the 80s and make me think of waterfall bangs and stacked socks but what the heck, I'm a child of that era so it works!

Some projects are just fun to sew and this is definitely one of them. It's one of those patterns with clear instructions and well marked pattern pieces that ends with consistent results.  I absolutely LOVE this bag and can't wait to use it. It also definitely got me out of my sewing funk so hopefully more finished projects will be coming soon!

This is the front of the bag and has a pocket

This is the back of the bag...the pink piping is vintage!

This is the inside...there's a small pocket and elastic for my Bento or water bottle. 

Front pocket

The recessed zipper is definitely one of my favorite features of this bag.

The pictures make the bag look's really not. 

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