Monday, May 3, 2010

Summer Outfit

Here is the latest addition to my daughter's summer wardrobe. The top was made with a very, very easy pattern (I think it is McCalls?). It has tucks in the top, elastic in the sleeves and a button closure in the back. I added a little rick-rack around the neck because have I mentioned my undying love for rick-rack??? The pants were from a great pattern I bought from here. You should check out this lady's blog. She is a genius and has lots of (free!) tutorials. The reason I love this pants pattern is because it is for skinny kids. I have a hard time finding store-bought pants that stay on my kids. Even the ones with the adjustable waists don't always work. Regular pants patterns for little kids are also very boxy and wide-legged. Yes, I could cinch up the elastic and make them work, but I would have a little MC Hammer on my hands and I'm not really into that. That's why I was very happy to find this pattern. It is only one piece, so a few seams and they are done! For the fabric I used an old pair of my jeans (what was I thinking buying brown jeans??). I cut open the leg seams, positioned the pattern piece and cut it out. I made good use of the already sewn hem of the jeans, therefore eliminating a step! They fit great, and I can tell you I will be using this pattern a lot!

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  1. That outfit is awesome! I do enjoy your consistent usage of rick rack...I still don't have any.